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I'm so proud of me

For all women to love themselves.
For all women who are on the path to loving themselves.

To learn to love all parts of yourself even the parts you don’t like is a difficult journey.
We have all been born into a world being told “Girls need to be this way” or “Girls don’t do that”.
It’s hard to realize that “each and every one of us is unique and special.”
We are living with the backdrop of the Japanese media showcasing attractiveness on only skinny and white bodies.

I’ve been teased about my big ass for over 20 years, I learned to love it because it is sexy.
My childlike tits, the moles all over my body. My crooked teeth are unique and nice even though it has been hard to like them too. 
I am so sick and tired of hearing the phrase “But you’re a girl.” 
I never want to stop learning and be prevented  from seeking out new things.
I will never let anyone’s judgment determine what I can or cannot do.

Every woman has the right to shine. 
You don’t have to conform to the “standards” imposed to you by the media or the world. 
Just be imperfect.  Just be yourself.
Be proud of who you are. Always stay true to your feelings. 
This is the standard.

I'm so proud of me.

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